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Ricochet Gear

“Our representative [Strategic Safety Dynamics] and Ricochet manufacturing have beenexcellent to work with in solving our requests and design changes, fit issues have been rare andgear is being reported as extremely comfortable by our members.” 
- Joseph Speranza, Chief at Hawthorne, NJ Fire Dept.

Ricochet Manufacturing, Inc. has over 25 years of experience producing sophisticated, high-tech PPE gear for the rigorous and specialized needs of emergency first responders, the military andindustrial chemical workers. Ricochet’s home office and manufacturing are located in a historic factory building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home to a strong work force of highly experienced and dedicated employees.

Ergonomic Engineering - Engineered for Comfort & Fit Designed for greater flexibility, comfort, and performance, Ricochet has developed pattern inginnovations throughout all of the layers of your gear that work with the dynamics of your body -reducing heat stress, hobbling, and fatigue and providing a greater range of motion. All of our gear is custom built because proper fit lowers the risk of exhaustion and increases safety.

Quality & Value By Design - Custom Built For You

Ricochet provides our customers with numerous choices of layered fabric systems, designed for durability, protection and breathability. We make protective clothing that is comfortable, long-lasting, highly customizable and competitively priced.

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